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A better way to manage
Driver Licence Checking

Driver licence checking with FleetCheck LicenceAssured

Would you like to simplify your driver licence checking?

With FleetCheck LicenceAssured you’ll be able to:

Save time - no more paper chasing or manual processing.

Be in control - automate your licence checking with more visibility.

Enjoy peace of mind - no more sleepless nights, and meet your compliance requirements.



Fulfil your legal requirements as an employer

It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988 for a person to drive on company business without a valid licence for the vehicle they are driving. Let FleetCheck LicenceAssured do the hard work for you.

Save Time

  • No chasing drivers for check codes
  • No missed reminders or nasty surprises
  • All your information in one place
  • Free setup and training
  • 5* customer support

Be Fully Compliant

  • Secure web-based system
  • Direct access to DVLA data
  • GDPR compliant
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Paper or electronic consent, valid for 3 years

Be in control

  • Schedule automated checks for every driver
  • Increase frequency for higher-risk drivers
  • Automatic alerts of licence expiry or changes in status
  • Full reporting dashboard and data visibility
  • Integrates fully with FleetCheck software or can be a stand-alone service

Why use FleetCheck LicenceAssured?

Simply checking your drivers’ photocards to carry out licence checking is not sufficient as it doesn’t show any driving offences or endorsements.

Using the government “view your driving record” service is free but time-consuming. If you wish to check someone else’s driving licence online, you need the last 8 characters of their driving licence number and a check code from the driver themselves. You must not use their national insurance number to find this information.

Visually Check Photocard Online

FleetCheck LicenceAssured

Cost to business

This type of licence check is NOT valid.

High level of administration required.

Free setup & training then £3.50 per check

Real-time DVLA Data

Automatic reminders

Automated rechecks based on driver risk

Full audit trail

Driver consent method

Requires new check code from driver every time.

Mandate - valid for 3 years.

How much time will I save?

By being fully automated and easily accessible on your online portal, you and your drivers will save time to complete all licence check processes. Find out how much time can be saved below; Online - Total time per check = 21 minutes

On average, it takes a driver fifteen minutes to use the DVLA site to generate the one-time code and six minutes of administration time chasing the driver and logging the results in an internal system.


FleetCheck LicenceAssured - Total time per check = 1 minute

We have found that it takes a driver five minutes and an administrator one minute to set up an electronic mandate for three years. Each check thereafter takes ZERO time for the driver and one minute for the administrator to view the licence check.


Get started with FleetCheck LicenceAssured today

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What other clients are saying about LicenceAssured

Amazing Service

I was a new user on the LicenceAssured portal and I have to say the service I have received from the start has been amazing. The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Mel Broadhurst
Pure Cremation

An invaluable resource

FleetCheck LicenceAssured is an invaluable resource for our company … It links all our drivers and their checks together in one place and setting up a new driver on FleetCheck also adds them to FleetCheck LicenceAssured and vice versa, saving time by not inputting the details twice.

Mark Barlow
Barlows UK Ltd

Very user-friendly

We have been using the FleetCheck LicenceAssured system for several months now and I have to say it is proving to be an excellent system. It’s very user friendly and the check results come through extremely quickly – within minutes. Any issues are simple to resolve myself or are quickly resolved by contacting the support desk. I would highly recommend this system.

Kate O’Connor
The Donkey Sanctuary

Taking out all the hassle of licence checking

We have been working with and using FleetCheck LicenceAssured for over a year now and have seen so many benefits from having a full view of our fleet all in one easy to use dashboard. When Fleetcheck LicenceAssured was released, it was a no brainer to tag on to our existing system whilst taking out all the hassle of licence checking with automated rechecks dependent on the risk status of our drivers, which is crucial for us as a FORS Gold member.

Jonathan Lassiter - National Fleet Manager
Conquip Engineering Group

Very easy to use.

Very happy with it, a massive improvement on the old system, it saves quite a bit of time so I can do my normal day-to-day work and it’s very easy to use.

Richard Jenkins - Logistics and Fleet Co-ordinator
Mulmar Group

Really happy with the system

Really happy with the system, saves loads of time from checking licences, very easy to use.

Justine Hamblin - Technical support

Saves lots of valuable time

Really happy with everything, it’s an easy system to use that saves lots of valuable time and keeps everything together in one place.

Robert Presnall - Fleet Operations Manager
Lambeth Borough Council

Do I need to check my driver’s licence?

If you employ people who drive a vehicle for your business, where it is their own vehicle or belongs to the company, you are legally obliged to check their licences.


Download our factsheet “6 Important Things You Should Know About Driver Licence Checking”


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